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The Law Review at Johns Hopkins

            The Law Review at Johns Hopkins is a student-run publication, established in 2018, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.  The Review's primary purpose is to provide the Johns Hopkins graduate community with a forum to engage in legal scholarship and provide Review members the opportunity to increase their legal understanding, writing, and editing skills. 

            The organization is independent of the Johns Hopkins University and is entirely student-edited and published. The Review is published annually and features authors across the Johns Hopkins graduate communities and its partner institutions, (including the Johns Hopkins Medical School, Stanford Law School, Georgetown Law School, the School of Advanced International Studies, the Carey Business School, the JHU School of Public Health, the JHU School of Nursing, Peabody Institute, and the Krieger School of the Arts) and is approximately 150 pages per volume.  The Review also features a supplementary online platform that is updated regularly.

         The goal of the Review is to create a greater and wider-reaching law-interested quorum, representative of all the Johns Hopkins graduate community.  The Review has two primary functions: to publish a journal valuable to the law-interested community by addressing important legal and social issues that are vital of our time or have escaped public scrutiny and to furnish a resource for students to expand their understanding of the law.

         We display a wide variety of viewpoints, from research articles on international human rights crises, the state of free speech, constitutional interpretation, and pressing social issues to questions concerning privacy and security.  Our staff is dedicated to engaging voices and supporting obtainable, educational, and thought-provoking legal analysis across all facets of the JHU graduate student body, staff, and faculty. We strive to reflect contributors' diverse interests and viewpoints, while simultaneously pushing boundaries and expanding global legal discourse.






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